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Terms & Conditions

Please note all Advanced Driving Tuition instructors are independent contractors and operate under a franchise with Advanced Driving Tuition. The contact for your driving lessons is made solely between you and the instructor (who is an independent contractor). For clarity, all financial transactions are between you and the instructor (including pre-paid lessons paid directly to the instructor).

  1. All novice offers are non-refundable unless extraordinary circumstances arise. Abuse of novice offer may result in cancellation of your package.

  2. All payments for block bookings are non-refundable. In extraordinary circumstances and at the instructor’s discretion, any refunds that are to be issued should be handled directly with the instructor, not Advanced Driving Tuition Head Office. Advanced Driving Tuition cannot be held liable for any payments made to the driving instructor.

  3. If you have opted for driving tuition, this agreement is solely between you and your Advanced Driving Tuition franchise instructor. No contractual liability shall arise or exist between you and Advanced Driving Tuition.

  4. When a split promotional special offer is purchased, it is entirely at the instructor’s discretion when the lessons can be redeemed. Instructors will allow the student to take an initial set of hours when commencing their lessons and the remaining balance when they attain test standard, again, at the instructor’s discretion.

  5. The following conditions apply to all Block Bookings and promotional offers: There cannot be a hiatus between lessons exceeding 3 weeks; otherwise, the remaining lessons will be forfeited. Abuse of these offers will result in the remaining lessons being revoked without the possibility of a refund. (This does not affect your statutory rights.)

  6. The driving school allows a 15-minute grace period for the instructor, due to unforeseen delays such as traffic, etc.

  7. In the event of a mechanical breakdown of the vehicle used for your driving lessons, or for any other reason, the instructor reserves the right to reschedule a driving lesson to a mutually convenient time.

  8. The driving instructor cannot be held responsible for driving tests postponed or cancelled by the Driving Standards Agency.

  9. Where payments are made directly to the instructor, Advanced Driving Tuition accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any actions, defaults, or failures on the part of the instructor to fulfill their obligations.

  10. Cancellations should be communicated directly with the instructor 48 hours prior to the lesson appointment; otherwise, the lesson will be charged.

  11. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate a driving lesson if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any other substances that would compromise road safety.

  12. A driving test can only be scheduled with the full consent of the driving instructor. We reserve the right to withdraw our vehicles for tests without notice if the instructor deems you are not at test standard.


Not satisfied? Advanced Driving Tuition wants you to be fully satisfied with your driving lessons. Any complaints should be lodged by contacting the booking office of Advanced Driving Tuition or via email.

All lessons must be taken continuously with no more than an agreed 3-week break in lessons. This offer will not apply to individuals who schedule a test without the instructor’s prior knowledge.

Advanced Driving Tuition operates from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday. The student must retain the appointment card while undergoing lessons with the instructor as proof of payment.

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