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Driving Lessons

Join our Thousands of happy licence holders. To help you find out if our training is suitable for you, we have various elements from driving course reports to learner booklet! One of the great advantages to book ADT is that one of our multi-lingual driving instructors got you covered. 

Individual Lessons

Bundle Lessons

Beginners Package

Refresher Lessons

Our refresher driving course covers a wide range of driving situations. We offer bespoke driving lessons that will help you to get back on the road safely and full of confidence. So if you have been abroad and haven't driven on UK roads, didn’t have a chance to practice your driving after you passed your test or are simply nervous getting back behind the wheel again then the course is just for you. Through individually tailored sessions (refresher driving course in manchester) you learn to: read the road, act calmly and decisively to prevent being involved in road rage, iron out bad habits, improve your sense of timing and remain alert on a long journey.

Asessment Lessons

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